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About Us

Cars24, an Indian multinational online used car marketplace, has emerged as a prominent player in the used car segment in India, with its headquarters situated in Gurgaon. Since its establishment in 2015, the company has gained significant recognition and is known for revolutionizing the way used cars are bought and sold across the country.

With a deep understanding of the needs and pain points of both buyers and sellers, Cars24 serves as a one-stop destination for individuals looking to buy or sell used cars throughout India. The process of purchasing a pre-used car can often be overwhelming, involving numerous steps such as finding the right vehicle, negotiating with the owner, assessing its condition, and ensuring a smooth transfer of documents and funds. However, Cars24 aims to simplify this entire journey, providing a hassle-free experience to its customers.

Traditionally, selling old cars has been a cumbersome process, involving multiple attempts to determine the accurate valuation, meeting potential buyers in person, and engaging in negotiations repeatedly. Additionally, the transfer of the vehicle's registration certificate (RC Transfer) could take several months to complete. Cars24 recognizes these challenges and offers a convenient alternative. By visiting their platform, sellers can effortlessly describe their car and receive a fair valuation. This eliminates the need for arduous face-to-face interactions and significantly reduces the waiting time for RC Transfer.

Cars24 operates with a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and trust. They prioritize their customers' needs by offering accurate evaluations, implementing customer protection policies, providing warranties, and delivering exceptional customer support. Building trust is at the core of their operations, and they continuously strive to improve their services, setting goals and timelines to meet their customers' expectations.


Cars24 is driven by a pursuit of perfection and progress. They constantly challenge themselves to exceed their own standards, setting higher benchmarks to achieve remarkable results. Exceptional performance is recognized and rewarded, encouraging healthy competition and fostering a supportive environment. The company believes in nurturing talent and acknowledges that the collective efforts of skilled individuals lead to greater accomplishments and rewards for all.


Cars24 is an incredible platform for buying or selling your car in the UAE! With their user-friendly website and extensive range of quality used cars, your car buying or selling experience is bound to be a breeze. Whether you're looking to upgrade your vehicle or searching for a reliable pre-owned car, Cars24 has got you covered.


What sets Cars24 apart is their commitment to convenience and customer satisfaction. They understand that your time is valuable, which is why they offer home delivery for the cars you purchase. Say goodbye to the hassle of visiting dealerships and negotiating prices. With Cars24, you can get the best price for your car in just one hour when selling it!


With thousands of used cars available in Dubai and across all other emirates, Cars24 provides a vast selection to choose from. You can easily search for your desired car using various filters such as body type, fuel type, kilometers driven, and more.Plus, all the cars listed on Cars24 come with automatic transmission and are available in multiple colors, giving you even more options to find the perfect match.


So, whether you're in the market to sell your car quickly and hassle-free or searching for a pre-owned vehicle that suits your preferences, Cars24 in the UAE is the ideal platform to meet your needs. Explore their website today and experience the convenience and quality they offer.


In conclusion, Cars24 has established itself as a major player in the Indian used car market by providing a user-friendly platform for buying and selling pre-owned vehicles. Their commitment to customer satisfaction, emphasis on trust and cooperation, employee empowerment, and pursuit of excellence contribute to their success in revolutionizing the industry. 

why should you buy from CARS24?

When it comes to purchasing a used car, the landscape has transformed, offering us a new and exciting way to make our buying experience effortless and convenient. Thanks to the emergence of CARS24, a groundbreaking start-up valued at over $1 billion, the process has been revolutionized, allowing you to navigate through a streamlined online service right from the comfort of your own couch. It's a game-changer that makes buying a used car as simple as purchasing something from the renowned e-commerce giant, Amazon.

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Now, you might wonder why you should choose CARS24 over other options available in the market. Let me enlighten you with the exceptional benefits and features that set CARS24 apart, particularly when it comes to their certified cars. These certified pre-owned vehicles come with numerous advantages that make them a compelling choice for discerning buyers.

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First and foremost, studies have shown that most buyers evaluate various options before making a decision, such as purchasing a used car, a brand-new car, or a certified pre-owned vehicle. In this regard, CARS24 certified cars shine brightly, offering six distinctive benefits that make them truly special. Let's delve into these advantages:

  1. Unparalleled Quality: CARS24 ensures that their certified cars meet rigorous standards of quality and reliability. Through a meticulous inspection process, each vehicle is thoroughly examined to guarantee its excellent condition, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in your purchase.

  2. Comprehensive Warranty: To further instill trust in their customers, CARS24 provides a comprehensive warranty with their certified cars. This warranty covers a wide range of potential issues, offering you protection and assistance long after your purchase, and ensuring a worry-free ownership experience.

  3. Rigorous Inspection: CARS24 employs a team of experts who conduct a rigorous and comprehensive inspection of every certified car. This process examines various aspects, including mechanical components, exterior and interior conditions, and overall performance. By scrutinizing every detail, CARS24 ensures that only the finest cars become part of their certified inventory.

  4. Transparent History: Transparency is of utmost importance when it comes to purchasing a used car, and CARS24 understands this well. Their certified cars come with a detailed and transparent history report, which includes crucial information such as previous ownership, accident history, and service records. With this valuable insight, you can make an informed decision and avoid any potential surprises down the road.

  5. Hassle-Free Financing: CARS24 recognizes that financing can be a significant concern for many buyers. To alleviate this burden, they offer hassle-free financing options, making it easier for you to drive away in your dream car. Their partnerships with trusted financial institutions ensure competitive rates and convenient repayment terms.

  6. Exceptional Customer Service: Above all, CARS24 is renowned for its exceptional customer service. From the moment you start browsing their inventory to the finalization of your purchase, their dedicated team is there to guide and assist you every step of the way. They prioritize customer satisfaction, aiming to make your buying experience truly memorable.

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In conclusion, choosing to buy from CARS24 is a decision that combines convenience, reliability, and trust. Their innovative online service has revolutionized the way we purchase used cars, making it as effortless as shopping on a platform like Amazon. With their certified cars, you gain access to a range of benefits including uncompromising quality, comprehensive warranties, rigorous inspections, transparent history reports, hassle-free financing options, and exceptional customer service.

So, why should you buy from CARS24? The answer lies in their commitment to transforming the used car buying experience and providing you with a superior level of satisfaction. Embrace the future of car buying and explore the world of CARS24 today

Payment methods at CARS24 Online:

CARS24 Online provides various payment options designed to make your car-selling experience as convenient as possible. From the instant payment option for quick access to funds to the reliability of bank transfers and the flexibility of online wallets, we offer a range of choices to suit your preferences. Our dedicated team is always ready to assist you, ensuring that you have a seamless and satisfactory transaction. Choose CARS24 Online for a hassle-free car-selling process, where convenience and customer satisfaction are at the forefront.Bank transfer

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Shipping details at CARS24 Online:

  • After completing the purchase, you will be contacted by phone to confirm the delivery details.

  • The car will be delivered to you at the agreed time and place, and you will have to show your ID card and sign the receipt, then receive the car, keys, and documents for the car.

  • The delivery process is completely free and without any charges.

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