Lookfantastic | Illamasqua Beyond Face Palette - Light to Medium

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Add a pop of radiant colour to your visage with Illamasqua’s ‘Beyond’ face palette. Ideal for people that love to be on the go, as the palette features two powder blushes (Katie and Hussy) and two powder highlighters (OMG and Daze), minimising the need to take multiple products with you at once. Lightweight and with an airy texture, the blushers offer a ‘just been paid a compliment’ flush that is dainty and elegant.

The creamy highlighters come equipped with a buildable formula, allowing you to go from subtle glimmer to blinding in seconds. This makes it easy to conform to the current wet and dolphin-skin trends being seen throughout the beauty industry, encouraging you to unleash your creativity and illuminate your features.

Cruelty free and vegan.